Karlsruhe Durlach

Italian ice cream cafe Adria Above the window and entrance area, along the entire length of the façade, there isRead More →

Griener GmbH Above a garage entrance on the company’s premises is a lettering made of single letters, which presumably glowedRead More →

Antilöwa On the roof of the building there is a relatively large installation with single letters made of red fluorescentRead More →

Deutsche Homöopathie-Union (DHU) On the roof of the building were single-letter tubes, which probably glowed red. It is not knownRead More →

American Diner Above the entrance there is a large illuminated advertisement with additional white tubes. Furthermore, blue and red luminousRead More →

Bookstore Mächtlinger In addition to the two yellow illuminated advertising installations, there is another installation with blue illuminated tubes inRead More →

Optik Dumas Above the first floor on a vaulted canopy is this device with yellow tubes. The neon sign datesRead More →

Office for waste management of the City of Karlsruhe At the gable end of the municipal office for waste managementRead More →

Hotel Maison Suisse In the area of the second floor there is a vertical cantilever with single letters made ofRead More →

Hotel Maison Suisse A very colorful device as an advertisement for a hotel is located at this building Hildebrandstrasse /Read More →

Hotel Der Blaue Reiter The name of the hotel is displayed in blue fluorescent tubes. But currently these are outRead More →