Karlsruhe West

Bar Augustiner On the balcony above the entrance Sophienstrasse / corner Lessingstrasse is the name of the bar in yellowRead More →

Restaurant Künstlerkneipe Above the entrance gate there is a yellow luminous crown and green luminous lettering.Read More →

Reifen Karle Above the house passage there is a vertical lettering made of single blue letters. The device is defectiveRead More →

DIY store “Bauhaus” with Stadtgarten Above the window front is a lettering of presumably blue glowing tubes. The device appearsRead More →

Kammer-Kirsch GmbH On a garage roof in the entrance area, single letters made of presumably red luminous tubes are attachedRead More →

Butchery Kappler On the facade of the building are two cantilevers on both sides with red fluorescent tubes. The deviceRead More →

Molkerei-Zentrale Südwest On the roof or at the edge of the roof of the administration building of the former dairyRead More →

Privatärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Karlsruhe e. V. This device consisting of yellow glowing tubes is located at the building Rheinstrasse / cornerRead More →

Augenoptik Fischer In the upper window of the door there is a representation of a pair of glasses in yellowRead More →

Lessing-Gymnasium The name of the grammar school is displayed in pink illuminated letters on the facade. This was attached inRead More →

Pharmacy Rhein-Apotheke in the Medical center Mühlburg On the canopy above the entrance is a rotating illuminated advertising sign withRead More →

Gallery Brennofen 13 On the facade of this building there are two wing-like metal sheets on which lettering made ofRead More →

SUN PLAY On the vertical cantilever, which consists of simple luminous signs, outside are purple tubes representing an arrow pointingRead More →

Pharmacy Park-Apotheke Above the entrance of the store are single letters made of green glowing tubes. In the summer ofRead More →

iii Fonds On the façade of the skyscraper, in the upper area, there is a large device consisting of tubesRead More →

Erotic-Treff In the two windows in the building Hardtstrasse / corner Rheinstrasse are these fluorescent tubes. In the window facingRead More →

Power plant West On the facade of a building facing Honsellstrasse there is an old sign of the Municipal ElectricityRead More →