Devices in Karlsruhe (out of operation)

Anno 1516 (Novotel Karlsruhe City) In the windows of the pub belonging to the hotel “Novotel” are neon advertisements ofRead More →

uBu Café and Bar Above the three windows on the first floor is a green glowing lettering with the nameRead More →

Eiscafe Cortina Above the entrance area on the first floor is a two-part lettering with the name of the iceRead More →

Pharmacy All that remains of the former pharmacy in the building is the signet. This glowed in classic neon red.Read More →

Bar On the right above the entrance door is a double-sided boom with the red lettering “BAR”. The boom comesRead More →

Schneyer On one part of the building below the edge of the roof there is this lettering made of presumablyRead More →

Restaurant Mogogo On the side wall of the building is the lettering “RESTAURANT”, which consists of single letters. The deviceRead More →

Griener GmbH Above a garage entrance on the company’s premises is a lettering made of single letters, which presumably glowedRead More →

Stoff-Ideen The device of red light tubes has been on the building for a long time and originally has nothingRead More →

Hotel Winzerhaus The hotel is closed, but the premises are apparently occupied. At the level of the second floor onRead More →

Schuster Control panels On the building of the former company headquarters there is an installation consisting of two lettering withRead More →

Antilöwa On the roof of the building there is a relatively large installation with single letters made of red fluorescentRead More →

Reifen Karle Above the house passage there is a vertical lettering made of single blue letters. The device is defectiveRead More →

Guest house “Alte Münze” Above the entrance on the corner of Sophienstrasse and Hirschstrasse is the lettering “HOTEL”. Furthermore, onRead More →

Diefenbacher GmbH + Co Getränkevertrieb KG In addition to many other advertising installations, there is also an old neon signRead More →

DIY store “Bauhaus” with Stadtgarten Above the window front is a lettering of presumably blue glowing tubes. The device appearsRead More →

Food market Above the windows there are three letterings of presumably yellow and blue glowing tubes. The device is defectiveRead More →

Kammer-Kirsch GmbH On a garage roof in the entrance area, single letters made of presumably red luminous tubes are attachedRead More →

Metzlersche Buchhandlung On the facade of this bookstore there is a vertical cantilever with the lettering “BÜCHER”. On the rightRead More →

Butchery Kappler On the facade of the building are two cantilevers on both sides with red fluorescent tubes. The deviceRead More →

Hotel Kuebler Above the entrance on the facade is a double-sided vertical cantilever with the words “HOTEL” with presumably greenRead More →

Molkerei-Zentrale Südwest On the roof or at the edge of the roof of the administration building of the former dairyRead More →

Gaststätte zum Dammerstock The restaurant under this name no longer exists; the device made of yellow tubes is out ofRead More →

Reif.B Fashion & Shoes February 2018 There are several illuminated advertisements on the facade. Among others, there is a smallRead More →

Elektro Boy GmbH Above the entrance door at the corner of Boeckhstrasse / Klauprechtstrasse is this device with presumably blueRead More →

Privatärztliche Verrechnungsstelle Karlsruhe e. V. This device consisting of yellow glowing tubes is located at the building Rheinstrasse / cornerRead More →

Social pension Augustiner On the balcony above the entrance Sophienstrasse / corner Lessingstrasse is the name of the former hotelRead More →

Bookstore Mächtlinger In addition to the two yellow illuminated advertising installations, there is another installation with blue illuminated tubes inRead More →

Lehner’s Wirtshaus The device is currently out of service. It consists of one vertical cantilever of single letters and oneRead More →

Bluemovie The lettering as well as the framing consist of presumably blue tubes. The device was bought in 1976. ARead More →

iii Fonds On the façade of the skyscraper, in the upper area, there is a large device consisting of tubesRead More →

Hotel Der Blaue Reiter The name of the hotel is displayed in blue fluorescent tubes. But currently these are outRead More →

Power plant West On the facade of a building facing Honsellstrasse there is an old sign of the Municipal ElectricityRead More →

Hoepfner On the roof of the residential and commercial building is this device, consisting of single letters attached to aRead More →