On the road in Rhineland-Palatinate

Bäck Snäck – Bakery (Schlossstrasse 18) The business premises are currently being renovated. The relatively new installation is out ofRead More →

Rapp-O’Brien (Steinweg 9) The business from which the neon sign originated is no longer present here. Some of the presumablyRead More →

Sonnen-Apotheke Pharmacy (Maximilianstrasse 40) A very beautiful device of single letters and a stylized sun is located above the firstRead More →

Café-Bistro Palazzo (Rathausplatz 20) The café’s premises currently contain an “info point” on the planned demolition of the Rathaus-Center, toRead More →

Café Confectionery Schmerker (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 9) Although the letter “k” is mostly gone, the device of yellow tubes is in operation.Read More →

Hofacker Fireworks e.K. (Goethestrasse 29a) On the right side of the building facing Wilhelmstrasse, at the level of the secondRead More →

Triumph (Kornpfortstrasse 5) It looked like the business to which the device belongs no longer exists. (September 2019) Pharmacy ApothekeRead More →

Restaurant “Drebbelbrinnche” (Hoefelsgasse 8) The device of green glowing tubes is even in operation during the day. (September 2019) BrödelRead More →