On the road in Kaiserslautern

Julien (Altenwoogstrasse 3)

(May 2020)

Goebel & Mueller (St.-Martins-Platz 7)

The business apparently ceased to exist a long time ago. The device is broken, but it is still preserved. (May 2020)

Bitburger (Fruchthallstrasse 4)

On the roof of the building at the intersection of Fruchthallstrasse / Burgstrasse / Martin-Luther-Strasse is a large device of a brewery. (May 2020)

Hearing aids App GmbH & Co. KG (Fruchthallstrasse 4)

To the left of the lettering of probably red or white luminous tubes are three more vertically mounted tubes of the same color. (May 2020)

Dolomiten (Schillerstrasse 2)

(May 2020)

Union Studio for Cinematography (Kerststrasse 24)

The design of the device indicates its origin in the 60s. Below the arch to which the letters are attached, there is still an arch made of two tubes. (May 2020)

Zum Bitburger (Schaeferstrasse 53)

On the building there are two devices made of probably yellow glowing tubes. The device on the right side of the building is defective. (May 2020)

Haus Hexenbaecker (Muehlstrasse 1)

Very high up on the facade is a lettering, but it is broken. (May 2020)

Optometry Klein (Richard-Wagner-Strasse 29)

Probably red or white glowing tubes in the shape of glasses. (May 2020)

Supermarkt (Marktstrasse 3-5)

The supermarket is no longer there, but the vertically mounted letters made of probably red glowing tubes are still there. (May 2020)

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