On the road in Zweibrucken

Salon Rottmann (Hauptstrasse 16)

Above the storefront and entryway is an older lettering of well-maintained single letters. (January 2021)

Floor layer Graf (Hauptstrasse 9)

On the facade is an advertisement for DLW (Deutsche Linoleum Werke), consisting of the company logo and vertical single letters. Furthermore, there is the blue lettering “Graf” on the roof above the entrance area. The store is abandoned, the tubes for the DLW are partially destroyed. (January 2021)

Optica Peterschuetz GmbH (Hauptstrasse 90-92)

The company’s signet is a round symbol with a tube. (January 2021)

Pharmacy Pfalzgrafen Apotheke (Rosengartenstrasse 8)

Above the storefront is the pharmacy’s lettering of probably green glowing single letters. (January 2021)

Optician Seybold-Epting (Hauptstrasse 69)

This yellow glowing lettering is located on a large free facade area. The letter “S” of the device is defective. (January 2021)

Restaurant Bistro Gleis 3 (Poststrasse 33)

On the advertising board there are also two stylized heads made of blue luminous tubes. (January 2021)

Gasthaus Hobbit (Lammstrasse 9)

The device above the entrance to the “Keller” is behind plexiglass, but it is still defective. (January 2021)

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