Karlsruhe South

Pharmacy All that remains of the former pharmacy in the building is the signet. This glowed in classic neon red.Read More →

Café Zoo In the window of the café hangs an installation of green and yellow tubes with the advertisement forRead More →

Hotel Winzerhaus The hotel is closed, but the premises are apparently occupied. At the level of the second floor onRead More →

Ercik Creativ Team Although this lettering is not a fixed outdoor installation, I include it here because of its originality.Read More →

Hotel Greif Above the entrance door on Ebertstrasse is a lettering made of white glowing tubes.Read More →

Hotel Eden On the gable end of the building, at the level of the third floor, there is a letteringRead More →

Food market Above the windows there are three letterings of presumably yellow and blue glowing tubes. The device is defectiveRead More →

Gaststätte zum Dammerstock The restaurant under this name no longer exists; the device made of yellow tubes is out ofRead More →

Elektro Boy GmbH Above the entrance door at the corner of Boeckhstrasse / Klauprechtstrasse is this device with presumably blueRead More →

Café Lasch On the facade there is a two-part vertical cantilever. The tubes in the upper part shine in aRead More →

Pharmacy in the Scheck-In Center There are several devices for a pharmacy at this shopping center building. The center wasRead More →

Pub “Auerhahn” Above the entrance of this pub there is a horizontal cantilever with green and yellow light tubes protectedRead More →

Movie theater Schauburg A nice combination can be found traditional cinema “Schauburg”.  Red letters are on the entrance canopy andRead More →

Haarhaus Karlsruhe In pink glowing tubes above the shop windows of the first floor is this lettering. It probably datesRead More →

Ringcafé Boeckeler Until the end of 2020, this was the “Café Brenner”. In January 2021, it reopened under the nameRead More →

Schwarzwaldhalle On the roof of the entrance area of the Schwarzwaldhalle, blue luminous tubes are attached to a scaffold asRead More →

Exo Gastronomie in the Exotenhaus On the canopy above the entrance there are three letters made of luminous turquoise tubes.Read More →

Schlosshotel On the façade facing Bahnhofplatz, above the second floor, letters with yellow luminous tubes are installed. On the sideRead More →

Hotel Avisa The letters for this hotel consist of blue luminous tubes. These are attached to the left and rightRead More →