Devices in Karlsruhe (in operation)

Bar Augustiner On the balcony above the entrance Sophienstrasse / corner Lessingstrasse is the name of the bar in yellowRead More →

Leo Mane Barbershop On the canopy there is a lettering of white luminous single letters. The device was manufactured byRead More →

uBu Café and Bar Above the three windows on the first floor is a green luminous lettering with the nameRead More →

Restaurant “El Taquito” In the courtyard (“Passagehof”) there is a display in the form of a cactus with a hat.Read More →

Cafè pazzo In the window of the café hangs an installation of green and yellow tubes with the advertisement forRead More →

Restaurant Künstlerkneipe Above the entrance gate there is a yellow luminous crown and green luminous lettering.Read More →

Ercik Creativ Team Although this lettering is not a fixed outdoor installation, I include it here because of its originality.Read More →

Staatliche Majolika Manufaktur Above a shop window in the courtyard is a lettering made of single letters glowing blue.Read More →

Cantina Majolika Above the entrance to the restaurant on the grounds of the Staatliche Majolika Keramik Manufaktur is a blueRead More →

DIY store “Bauhaus” with Stadtgarten Above the window front is a lettering of presumably blue glowing tubes. The device appearsRead More →

American Diner Above the entrance there is a large illuminated advertisement with additional white tubes. Furthermore, blue and red luminousRead More →

L’Osteria Above the first floor, the facades facing the Zaehringerstrasse and the Lammstrasse each feature three identical letterings made ofRead More →

Eiscafé Casal At the entrance is this modern cantilever of white, green, red and yellow luminous tubes. The tubes areRead More →

Medical supply store Ruck Somewhat hidden above the entrance roof is this device of relatively small, green glowing single letters.Read More →

Hotel Markgräfler Hof The “Hotel” lettering in yellow tubes is mounted as a vertical cantilever on the facade facing DurlacherRead More →

Augenoptik Fischer In the upper window of the door there is a representation of a pair of glasses in yellowRead More →

Lessing-Gymnasium The name of the grammar school is displayed in pink illuminated letters on the facade. This was attached inRead More →

Pharmacy in the Scheck-In Center There are several devices for a pharmacy at this shopping center building. The center wasRead More →

Pub “Auerhahn” Above the entrance of this pub there is a horizontal cantilever with green and yellow light tubes protectedRead More →

Brick + Bone Steakhouse A clear instruction where to go is above the door of an entrance in this building.Read More →

Pharmacy Rhein-Apotheke in the Medical center Mühlburg On the canopy above the entrance is a rotating illuminated advertising sign withRead More →

Gallery Brennofen 13 On the facade of this building there are two wing-like metal sheets on which lettering made ofRead More →

SUN PLAY On the vertical cantilever, which consists of simple luminous signs, outside are purple tubes representing an arrow pointingRead More →

Optik Steidinger Above the entrance area of the store there are two identical installations with light blue tubes. They wereRead More →

Pharmacy Park-Apotheke Above the entrance of the store are single letters made of green glowing tubes. In the summer ofRead More →

Movie theater Schauburg A nice combination can be found traditional cinema “Schauburg”.  Red letters are on the entrance canopy andRead More →

Pharmacy Stadt-Apotheke This building has two devices in red tubes on the corner of Karlstrasse and Erbprinzenstrasse. A large oneRead More →

Ringcafé Boeckeler Until the end of 2020, this was the “Café Brenner”. In January 2021, it reopened under the nameRead More →

Lehner’s Wirtshaus The device was out of operation for a long time, but since September 2022 it has been shiningRead More →

Pharmacy Zentral-Apotheke On the facade are two small cantilevers of the pharmacy logos, each with red and green tubes respectively.Read More →

Hoepfner On the roof of the building there is a large device of the Hoepfner brewery in green tubes. TheRead More →

Hotel Maison Suisse A very colorful device as an advertisement for a hotel is located at this building Hildebrandstrasse /Read More →

Erhardt office store Towards Waldstrasse, this vertical cantilever is in green letters. Furthermore, above the first floor along the facadeRead More →

Erotic-Treff In the two windows in the building Hardtstrasse / corner Rheinstrasse are these fluorescent tubes. In the window facingRead More →

Schwarzwaldhalle On the roof of the entrance area of the Schwarzwaldhalle, blue luminous tubes are attached to a scaffold asRead More →

Hotel Erbprinzenhof On the facade near the hotel entrance there is a vertical cantilever (single letters) and a horizontal cantileverRead More →

La Cage There are two devices with illuminated tubes on this building.  Red tubes form the outer edges of aRead More →

Schlosshotel On the façade facing Bahnhofplatz, above the second floor, letters with yellow luminous tubes are installed. On the sideRead More →

Hotel Avisa The letters for this hotel consist of blue luminous tubes. These are attached to the left and rightRead More →

Denkfabrik Directly above the entrance door, these relatively thin tubes shine in red color. The device was manufactured in 2017Read More →