On the road

Salon am Casino (Herzog-Wilhelm-Strasse 81) The device above the entrance, which consists of what are believed to be pink glowingRead More →

Hotel Astoria (Willy-Brandt-Platz) On the three sides of the entrance roof is the well-known signet of the former hotel. TheRead More →

Anker Pharmacy (Arminstrasse 24) During the pharmacy’s opening hours, the “Anker” lettering glows a bright green. (September 2021) Optics StruckRead More →

Bakery Gatenbroeker and Gloria Center  (Hermannstrasse 12-14) On the facade, among other things, there are three devices made of neons:Read More →

Zur Postkutsche (Viktoriastrasse 16) The name of the restaurant stands as yellow lettering – unfortunately defective – above the firstRead More →

Margonwasser (Schandauer Strasse 3) “Trink Margonwasser” – this device from GDR times was restored and is still in operation today.Read More →

Betten Knack GmbH (Marktstrasse 2) The device of probably blue glowing tubes is defective; the letter “K” is broken. (2019)Read More →

Café Wolf GmbH (Tannenstrasse 1) The café is permanently closed, the device consisting of probably yellow glowing tubes on theRead More →

Hotel Restaurant Sonne (Hauptstrasse 94) The lettering of single letters glowing yellow is missing the tubes of the letters “t”Read More →

Link-Biere (Hauptstrasse 9) On the north-facing gable wall is a multi-part device consisting of tubes and an illuminated plastic sign.Read More →

Karlsberg Fass (Ludwigstrasse 11) Lettering in two different styles and two heads on barrels adorn the entrance to the restaurant.Read More →

Salon Rottmann (Hauptstrasse 16) Above the storefront and entryway is an older lettering of well-maintained single letters. (January 2021) FloorRead More →

Central Cinema (Hauptstrasse 59) Above the entrance to the cinema is a 60’s style lettering. (August 2019) Venezia (Hauptstrasse 53)Read More →

Leona-Winery Paul Schmalzriedt Erben (Graf-Eberhard-Strasse 1) Above the windows of the first floor is a probably white luminous lettering madeRead More →

XXXLutz Mann Mobilia Ludwigsburg (Monreposstrasse 51) The glowing red lettering is on three sides of the building. Whether it isRead More →

Café Confectionery Schmerker (Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 9) Although the letter “k” is mostly gone, the device of yellow tubes is in operation.Read More →

Hotel Restaurant Birkenhof (Hauptstrasse 226) The building of the former restaurant was supposed to be demolished. However, a roof trussRead More →

Hofacker Fireworks e.K. (Goethestrasse 29a) On the right side of the building facing Wilhelmstrasse, at the level of the secondRead More →

Bar Maxim (Ludwig-Wilhelm-Platz 5) The establishment is closed, the device above the entrance out of service. (February 2019) Pharmacy Stadt-ApothekeRead More →

Bild & Rahmen Burkhard (Herrenstrasse 5) The three-part device extends over the full storefront. The tubes glow green and pink.Read More →

Möbel-Zentrum Zentrallager (Industriestrasse 14) The lettering made of single letters probably glows red. (December 2019)  Read More →

Blumenhofbau (Alter Schlossberg) The device is defective. (September 2018) Reifenhaus Kauffmann (Lindenstrasse 28) The device is defective. (December 2019) RestaurantRead More →

Gemstone Boutique Gschwendner (Prof.-Schreyoegg-Platz 5) In the shop window there is a lettering made of green luminous tubes. (December 2019)Read More →

Brewery Welde (Schwetzinger Strasse/Waldpfad) There is a large device of single letters on the gable of the building. (December 2019)Read More →

Toni Forte Barber Shop (Klosterstrasse 24-28) (October 2019) Ristorante Portofino (Klosterstrasse 20) (October 2019) Restaurant Korea Haus (Bismarckstrasse 66) (OctoberRead More →

Hotel Traube (Ernst-Hohner-Strasse 21) While the illuminated sign for the pizzeria is working, the tubes that probably glow yellow areRead More →

VEB Transformatoren- und Röntgenwerk “Hermann Matern” (Rethelstrasse 47) On the gable of the former factory building is a large deviceRead More →

Hotel am Markt (Markt 1-2) On the facade there are two different devices with probably white luminous tubes: A letteringRead More →

Triumph (Kornpfortstrasse 5) It looked like the business to which the device belongs no longer exists. (September 2019) Pharmacy ApothekeRead More →

Kuhlmann GmbH (Salzstrasse 11-13) Above the entrance of the store there is a lettering and a candle symbol made ofRead More →

Zweigle Mineraloel (Daimlerstrasse 104) Above the entrance to the company’s property is a device of what appear to be redRead More →

Restaurant “Drebbelbrinnche” (Hoefelsgasse 8) The device of green glowing tubes is even in operation during the day. (September 2019) BrödelRead More →

Capitol-Movie theater (Alexanderstrasse 12) The “CAPITOL” lettering is on the building three times: twice on the street side and onceRead More →

PARK-KINO (Salzburger Strasse 2) Protected behind plexiglass and also operating during the day. (September 2019) Hotel Deutscher Kaiser (Kaiserplatz 1)Read More →

Wohnforum Wurster (Stuttgarter Strasse 78) On the canopies facing Stuttgarter Strasse and Beethovenstrasse are single letters made of tubes thatRead More →

Lakehouse Forelle Haeckenhaus (Eiswoog 1) There is lettering in glowing green tubes on the gable of the building. (July 2019)Read More →

Berghotel Mummelsee (Schwarzwaldhochstrasse 11) The hotel at the legendary Mummelsee directly on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse was opened in 2010 after theRead More →

Kurhaus (Kammstraße) This building is not the “Alte Kurhaus” – because that is a very good hotel. Rather, this buildingRead More →

VEB Kondensatorenwerk Goerlitz (Uferstrasse 5) Stagnant time – nothing shines here for a long time. (June 2019) Hotel Goerlitzer HofRead More →

Grenzquell (Rathausplatz 12) The advertisement for the beverages once sold here is broken. (June 2019) Café Weber (Reichenberger Strasse 27)Read More →

Pharmacy Schwan-Apotheke (Hauptstrasse 176) (May 2019) Wine bar Witter (Hauptstrasse 224) (May 2019) MAJA Mieder-, Wäsche-, Bademoden (Neugasse 13) (MayRead More →

Pharmacy Schloss-Apotheke (Schlossstrasse 1) (February 2019) Barth Heizung Sanitaer (Kaiserstrasse 35) The device is out of service. (April 2019) MedicalRead More →

Central Station (Glockengiesserwall) (March 2019) Pharmacy Centro-Apotheke (Spitalerstrasse 7) (March 2019) Wolsdorff Tobacco (Spitalerstrasse 16) (March 2019) Thalia Theater (Alstertor)Read More →

District Office Zwickau County (Gerhart-Hauptmann-Weg 1a) A very interesting device is located on the roof of the tower. Three rodsRead More →

Gran Gelato (Peter-Breuer-Strasse 37) (March 2019) Information (next to Peter-Breuer-Strasse 37) (March 2019) Glück Auf Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH (AeußereRead More →

Plaettig Hotel (Schwarzwaldhochstrasse 1) This former hotel is located directly on the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse. Unfortunately, its best days are already behindRead More →

Capitol (Waldhofstrasse 2) The former cinema from 1927 is now an event house. (October 2018) The nostalgic Sarotti advertisement fromRead More →

Klaiber Markisen (Graf-Zeppelin-Strasse 11-13) The neon sign is best seen from the Bruchsal Ost freeway service area. (February 2019)Read More →

Hotel Restaurant Seehof (Karlsruher Strasse 50) The large letters made of yellow tubes at the former hotel are out ofRead More →

Shoe store Lobert (Große Kirchstrasse 5) The only neon sign in the city center is that of the traditional shoeRead More →

District Office Constance (Benediktinerplatz 1) An art object made of colorful light tubes is located in the publicly accessible entranceRead More →

Pharmacy Hirsch Apotheke (Steinerstrasse 4) (November 2018) Kellner OptiVision (Neuer Markt 15) (November 2018) ROTTLER hearing aids (Walburgisstrasse 32) (NovemberRead More →

Pharmacy Einhorn-Apotheke (Rathenauplatz 2-8) (September 2018) Linda shoe store (Rathenauplatz 2-8) (September 2018) Pharmacy Apotheke an der Hauptwache (Schillerstrasse 4)Read More →

costume fashion Pfeiffer (Bad Herrenalb, Im Kloster 17) (August 2018) Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube (Bad Herrenalb, Kurpromenade 5) (August 2018) Hotel Kuehler Brunnen (BadRead More →

Nestlé Deutschland AG MAGGI-Factory (Julius-Buehrer-Strasse 8) (May 2018) Eis Café Il Cappuccino (August-Ruf-Strasse 5) (May 2018) Im’biss Anatolia (Bahnhofstrasse 9)Read More →

Department store “Glück auf” (formerly in the Strasse der Nationen) The device of the former department store is now locatedRead More →