On the road in Leipzig

Hotel Astoria (Willy-Brandt-Platz)

On the three sides of the entrance roof is the well-known signet of the former hotel. The tubes are partially defective and glowed yellow-orange. The underside of the roof also incorporates fluorescent tubes that served as design lighting. (March 2018)

Milchbar Pinguin (Katharinenstrasse 4)

This neon sign near the Marktplatz has cult status. (March 2018)

Spoon family (Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 36)

The neon sign of VEB Feinkost Leipzig, popularly known as the “Löffelfamilie”, was erected at the company’s headquarters in Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse in 1973. It was declared a cultural monument in 1993, and renovated in 1999 and again in 2011. Since 2008, the Löffelfamilie e.V. association has taken on the task of maintaining and operating the Löffelfamilie. (March 2018)

All information about this beautiful device can be found on the page www.loeffelfamilie.de/.

Bayerischer Bahnhof Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei (Bayrischer Platz 1)

(March 2018)

Leipziger Kommissions- und Grossbuchhandel (Prager Strasse)

This neon sign already existed in GDR times and was restored. (March 2018)

Optician Truckenbrod (Johannisplatz 19)

(March 2018)

ALDI South Suburb (Arthur-Hoffmann-Strasse 113)

The lettering of the former GDR store is still in use today. (March 2018)

Petershof (Petersstrasse 20)

The white luminous lettering was renewed in 2021. (December 2021)

Höfe am Brühl (Bruehl)

One of Leipzig’s most famous and largest neon signs is shining again: “Mein Leipzig lob ich mir – Willkommen in Leipzig”. During the GDR era, the device was located on the roof of one of the buildings on Leipzig’s Brühl – directly opposite the main train station. In recent years, the Brühl has been redesigned and, among other things, a shopping center has been built. The modernized device has now been rebuilt on its roof. Unfortunately, it shines without gas, but with energy-saving LED technology. But it shines again. And it has been since July 26, 2018. The three foreign-language welcome letterings on the side of the building (Am Hallischen Tor) don’t really photograph well. (December 2018/December 2019)

“Beer Manikin” (Arthur-Hoffmann-Strasse 111)

The “Beer Manikin” is also a relic of bygone times, which has been preserved. (December 2019)

Ratskeller (Lotterstrasse 1)

(December 2019)

Bilder & Rahmen Reichert (Hainstrasse 13)

This device from GDR times is no longer in operation. (December 2019)

Double M on the Wintergartenhochhaus (Schuetzenstrasse)

It is probably THE landmark of the city of Leipzig: the double M on the Wintergartenhochhaus. The symbol stands for the Leipzig Trade Fair, the “model trade fair”. The device dates back to 1972, the year in which the Wintergartenhochhaus was completed. In 2017, the 600 m of fluorescent tubes were replaced with LEDs. (December 2019)

Seaside Park Hotel (Richard-Wagner-Strasse 7)

A newer neon sign is located opposite the main train station on a hotel. It is placed over several floors. (December 2019)

Luft und Liebe Bar (Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 47)

Directly across from the famous “Spoon Family” (see above), you’ll find this modern device in pink fluorescent tubes at a bar. (December 2019)

Wood & Unconvision in the Westwerk Leipzig (Karl-Heine-Strasse 87)

Above a store in the “Westwerk” is the blue lettering “Made in Leipzig”. This can also be seen from the street through the windows. (December 2019)

Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei (Spinnereistrasse/Corner Saalfelder Strasse)

On the preserved corner building there is a multi-part device along the entire length of the building. This is also a relic from GDR times, which fortunately has been restored. (December 2019)

Volkseigene Möbelkombinate der DDR (Gruenewaldstrasse 7)

On the roof are two large devices from GDR times. On the side facing Gruenewaldstrasse, the background girders have been restored, but the tubes have been removed. On the side facing Leplaystrasse, the device is preserved in its original condition. (December 2019)

Volkseigene Möbelkombinate der DDR (Grünewaldstrasse 13)

The same devices as on number 7 are also on the building at 13 Grünewaldstrasse, but here the tubes have been removed from both devices and the background supports restored. (December 2019)

Jenaer Glas (Grünewaldstrasse 17)

A former roof device extends the entire length of the building. The tubes have been removed and the background girders restored. (December 2019)

Traktoroexport (Windmuehlenstrasse 29)

The tubes have also been removed from this former device and the background supports restored. (December 2019)

Pittlerwerke (Am Boernchen 2)

Since the 1960s, there has been a neon sign on the roof of the former Pittlerwerke to Stammerstrasse. The neon logo was manufactured at that time by one of the largest producers of illuminated advertising in the GDR and the Eastern Bloc countries, VEB Neontechnik in Halle. It is based on the tool carrier of a machine. After a long period of darkness, it was restored by NEL GmbH from Leipzig and has been shining again since summer 2018. (September 2021)

Complete run-through of the switching phases in the video (recorded without a tripod and with a high zoom factor):

Zentralmessepalast (Grimmaische Strasse/Neumarkt)

On the facade facing Neumarkt there is a lettering made of single letters from GDR times. (September 2021)

Shoe store Weber (Lindenthaler Hauptstrasse 56)

The cantilever with the store’s signet consists of, among other things, what are believed to be green glowing tubes. (September 2021)

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