On the road in Goerlitz

VEB Kondensatorenwerk Goerlitz (Uferstrasse 5)

Stagnant time – nothing shines here for a long time. (June 2019)

Hotel Goerlitzer Hof (Berliner Strasse 43)

Another testimony to days long gone. Many of the tubes are broken, the girders rusted. (June 2019)

Station Goerlitz (Bahnhofstrasse 76)

Inside the building there are two well-preserved devices, but both are no longer in operation. It is to be commended, however, that the devices have been preserved. Unfortunately, the “Fahrkarten” lettering is dominated by a bright modern illuminated advertisement of a store. (June 2019)

zookauf Zwahr (Jakobstrasse 39)

Since the store is operating and the two devices are in good condition, the tubes should be in operation. (June 2019)

polyfoto (Berliner Strasse 35)

Another relic from the old days. The device of the former photo store is broken. (June 2019)

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