On the road in Zittau

Grenzquell (Rathausplatz 12)

The advertisement for the beverages once sold here is broken. (June 2019)

Café Weber (Reichenberger Strasse 27)

The device is defective and out of service. (June 2019)

Kitchen facilities (Aeußere Weberstrasse 32)

Since the store no longer exists, the device is likely out of service as well. (June 2019)

Schauburg (Ottokarplatz 17)

The device seems to be relatively new, but was not in operation when I was in Zittau. The building is used now and then for events; probably it is then in operation. The vertically mounted colorless tubes are remarkable; depending on the gas filling, they then glow in color. (June 2019)

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