On the road in Dresden

VEB Transformatoren- und Röntgenwerk “Hermann Matern” (Rethelstrasse 47)

On the gable of the former factory building is a large device consisting of a logo and single letters. Of course, nothing shines here for a long time; however, some tubes are still surprisingly well preserved. The logo probably glowed blue, the letters probably white. (September 2019)

The abbreviation for the plant “TuR” was colloquially translated in Dresden as “Trödel und Ramsch”. It was a major “employer” in GDR times.

Discovered and photographed by Ralf Lehmann (https://www.lichtjahr21.de).

Cinema “Schauburg” (Koenigsbruecker Strasse 55)

On the roof above the entrance is the lettering in light blue glowing tubes. (June 2018)

Margon-House (Budapester Strasse 5)

The building got its name from a neon sign for Margon Water attached to the eastern gable. The device was originally located on the ruins of the Hotel Excelsior on Prager Strasse and was attached to the new building at Budapester Strasse 5 after its demolition in 1967. It shows a half-full glass of bubbling water with the slogan “trink Margonwasser – prickelnd frisch”. It was listed as a historical monument in 1998. During the renovation of the building from 1999 to 2002 by TLG Treuhand Liegenschaftsgesellschaft, Saxony’s Minister of State for Economics and Labor Kajo Schommer advocated for the preservation of the advertisement. (June 2018)

The complete pass in the video (approx. 1 minute):


Café Prag (Seestrasse 10)

(June 2018)

Haus der Presse (Ostra-Allee 20)

The illuminated tube letters “Haus der Presse”, which were originally attached to the high-rise building, were removed during the building’s renovation in 2003 and placed in display cases along the street. (June 2018)

Hotel “Residenz Alt Dresden” (Mobschatzer Strasse 29)

(June 2018)

Ice cream parlor Venezia (Hauptstrasse 2a)

(December 2019)

Trattoria La Piazzetta (Neustaedter Markt 8)

(December 2019)

Kunstforum Radio Lenck (Konkordienplatz)

The original store in the corner building no longer exists; art is now exhibited in the rooms. Above the entrance door and the two windows, respectively, there are a total of three devices consisting of probably blue and yellow glowing tubes. The two devices above the store windows are clearly defective; the device above the door should still be working. (May 2021)

Barock Office supplies (Emilienstrasse 20)

The site of the former GDR ink factory is now an event park. The neon sign has been preserved in its original state to this day. (July 2023)

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