Foreign Photo

Betten Knack GmbH (Marktstrasse 2) The device of probably blue glowing tubes is defective; the letter “K” is broken. (2019)Read More →

Café Wolf GmbH (Tannenstrasse 1) The café is permanently closed, the device consisting of probably yellow glowing tubes on theRead More →

Hofacker Fireworks e.K. (Goethestrasse 29a) On the right side of the building facing Wilhelmstrasse, at the level of the secondRead More →

Gemstone Boutique Gschwendner (Prof.-Schreyoegg-Platz 5) In the shop window there is a lettering made of green luminous tubes. (December 2019)Read More →

VEB Transformatoren- und Röntgenwerk “Hermann Matern” (Rethelstrasse 47) On the gable of the former factory building is a large deviceRead More →

Kuhlmann GmbH (Salzstrasse 11-13) Above the entrance of the store there is a lettering and a candle symbol made ofRead More →

Deutsche Homöopathie-Union (DHU) On the roof of the building were single-letter tubes, which probably glowed red. It is not knownRead More →

City Play January 2018 On the canopy of the building there is an illuminated advertising sign with red and blueRead More →

Bookstore Mächtlinger In addition to the two yellow illuminated advertising installations, there is another installation with blue illuminated tubes inRead More →