On the road in Weinheim

Weczera by Strick und Wäsche Weinheim GmbH (Hauptstrasse 92)

Above the entrance to the now-closed store is lettering made of glowing yellow tubes. (March 2023)

Odenwälder shutters and blinds (Hauptstrasse 53)

The store or company no longer exists at this location. However, the presumably green glowing lettering above the 1st floor is still very much in place. (March 2023)

Café Wolf GmbH (Tannenstrasse 1)

The café is permanently closed, the device from the year 1961 consisting of probably yellow glowing tubes on the facade facing Pflaumengässchen is out of service. (2020)

Discovered and photographed by Hubert Hartmann.

In February 2023, the installation was dismantled and is now safely stored.

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