On the road in Baden-Baden

Bar Maxim (Ludwig-Wilhelm-Platz 5)

The establishment is closed, the device above the entrance out of service. (February 2019)

There is also a device above the entrance on Lichtentaler Strasse consisting of red luminous tubes; this is defective. (March 2022)

Pharmacy Stadt-Apotheke Baden-Baden (Gernsbacher Strasse 2)

The green pharmacy cross only works on one side. The red “pharmacy A” is defective and flickers. (November 2019)

Bad Hotel zum Hirsch (Hirschstrasse 1)

The beautiful two-sided device made of small single letters is defective and out of order. It is located between Lange Strasse and Hirschstrasse. (November 2019/January 2020)

Gran Caffè Italia (Lange Strasse 35)

On the small canopy of the cafe is a section of a device. What remains is the lettering “Eiscafe -“. From the other part of the lettering only the carriers are left. (January 2020)

Hotel “Goldener Stern” (Ooser Hauptstrasse 16)

The hotel is closed, the device above from probably yellow glowing tubes above the entrance is broken and out of order. (April 2020)

Elektro-Peter (Ooser Hauptstrasse 13)

The lettering on the storefront consists of green luminescent tubes. (April 2020)

Interior decorator Rimsberger (Lichtentaler Strasse 42)

The presumably once pink glowing lettering above the shop window is defective. (March 2022)

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