On the road in Ludwigsburg

XXXLutz Mann Mobilia Ludwigsburg (Monreposstrasse 51)

The glowing red lettering is on three sides of the building. Whether it is still in operation, I do not know. At least one letter is defective on the lettering on the photographed side of the building. (October 2020)

Uhren-Mayer e. K. (Asperger Strasse 4)

A presumably yellow and green glowing lettering is located above the storefront window and entrance. (October 2020)

Pharmacy Zentral Apotheke (Marktplatz 1)

On the building there are devices with open neons. One is a cantilever with both vertical and horizontal lettering. On the other, a lettering of single letters above the arcade arches. (October 2020)

Gustav Mahle Papierhandlung e.K. (Marktplatz 3)

Above the arches of the arcades is a two-part presumably yellow glowing lettering, somewhat obscured by a tree. (October 2020)

Seybolds Fischhalle (Eberhardstrasse 14)

The probably blue glowing lettering above the shop window extends almost across the entire width of the storefront. (October 2020)

Scala Kultur (Stuttgarter Strasse 2)

On each of the two canopies there is a lettering made of white to blue-white luminous tubes. The lettering is also in operation during the day. (October 2020)

Eis Olivier (Wilhelmstrasse 10)

There are two identical glowing turquoise letterings on the building (Wilhelmstrasse and Obere Marktstrasse). (October 2020)

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