On the road in Schwetzingen

Luxor Movie Theater (Marstallstrasse 23)

On the roof above the entrance is a curved lettering that shines pink. Below the roof is a two-part interrupted band. The upper row shines blue, the lower pink.

The cinema has been closed since Dec. 02, 2021; according to the website, “due to the current situation.” (May 2022)

Musikhaus Markus (Friedrichstrasse 14)

On the facade, above each of the two shop windows, there is a lettering consisting of single letters made of yellow tubes. Since the store is no longer in operation, the device is likely out of service. (May 2022)

Hotel Adler-Post (Schlossstrasse 3)

On the canopy above the first floor there are three devices consisting of yellow luminous tubes (frontal and each on the left and right side). The letter “A” is broken, but nevertheless the device should be in operation. (May 2022)

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