On the road in Heilbronn

Drauz leather goods (Allee 7)

(September 2018)

Florist Kramer (Allee 23)

(September 2018)

Ratskeller of town Heilbronn (Marktplatz 7)

At the entrance to the restaurant are green luminous single letters in an arc. The device is in operation. (May 2022)

House “Zehender am Markt” (Marktplatz 12)

Above the first floor there is a lettering made of single letters. Whether this is still glowing, I can not say. In a photo from 2018, the installation is in operation; the letters are glowing whitish-yellow. (May 2022)

Hafenmarktpassage (Allee 27)

Above the entrance from the direction of the city center there is a lettering consisting of single letters glowing green. Some of the letters are defective. (May 2022)

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