On the road in Rastatt

Bild & Rahmen Burkhard (Herrenstrasse 5)

The three-part device extends over the full storefront. The tubes glow green and pink. (October 2019)

Park-Restaurant (Poststrasse 21)

The lettering above the entrance consists of yellow glowing tubes. (October 2019)

Café Living (Kaiserstrasse 1)

The lettering above the entrance is made of blue glowing tubes. (October 2019)

“Franz Biere” (Bahnhofstrasse 37)

On the gable wall of the building there is a device made of single letters “Franz Biere”. (January 2020)

Brewery C. Franz GmbH (Rauentaler Strasse 4)

On the roof of the part of the building facing the Murg there is a device made of single letters, which probably glowed blue. The other lettering on the gable consists only of simple plastic letters. (January 2020)

Stadt-Apotheke – Pharmacy (Kaiserstrasse 7)

On the right gable end of the building (above the roof of the neighboring house) there is a lettering made of single letters. The device is currently out of service. (January 2022)

Eis Dolomiten (Schlossstrasse 5)

Above a seating area in the Pfarrgarten hangs the neon sign of the former ice cream parlor “Dolomiten”. When it was removed from its original location ( Kaiserstrasse 23 a), it was saved by Fynn and his father. Unfortunately, the tubes were irreparably damaged – except for the lettering “Dolomiten”. This still shines in its beautiful blue today. The other parts were replaced as good as possible by LED tubes. There were no documents or photos on which it is possible to see how the device once looked like. With loving work and technical and craftsmanship skills, the two resurrected the advertisement; the solid result can now be viewed in the parish garden. (August 2022)

Thanks to Fynn for the little tour!

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