On the road in Kehl

Link-Biere (Hauptstrasse 9)

On the north-facing gable wall is a multi-part device consisting of tubes and an illuminated plastic sign. The defective tubes, which are coated from the inside, probably glowed red and blue. (April 2021)

Cinema Center (Hauptstrasse 57)

The double-sided cantilever extends over two floors. The single letters “KINO” are attached to one grille, with the words “Center” underneath. The device, made of yellow tubes, is probably still intact. (April 2021)

Hoepfner Pilsner (Bahnhofsplatz 1)

Below the roofline, there is lettering in the typical “Hoepfner green” on both sides of the building. (July 2023)

Many thanks to Cedomir Ozmec (NEON ELAN, Karlsruhe) for the photos!

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