On the road in Freiburg im Breisgau

C.F. Enge Berufskleidung (Herrenstrasse 51)

Above the entrance area, the company name is displayed as lettering in tubes that presumably glow blue. The device is broken. (February 2021)

Stempel Isele (Schusterstrasse 46)

A beautiful device of yellow tubes, probably from the 1960s, is placed above the entrance and window area. (February 2021)

Wine shop Drexler (Merianstrasse 4)

On the corner building there are two identical letterings made of yellow tubes. The device is in operation. (February 2021)

Albert Tritschler GmbH (Friedrichring 25)

On the facade of the building over two floors are various lettering made of different colored tubes. Something like this is rarely found today. (February 2021)

Optik Nosch (Bertoldstrasse 2)

On the facade of the new building, which is located right next to a streetcar stop, there is a modern device made of red glowing tubes. The signet of red glowing tubes also hangs in two shop windows; however, I was not able to photograph these. (February 2021)

Colombi Hotel (Rotteckring 16)

Even rooftop installations, like the one on this hotel, are not found very often today. (February 2021)

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