On the road in Ettlingen

Hotel Restaurant Seehof (Karlsruher Strasse 50)

The large letters made of yellow tubes at the former hotel are out of service. (October 2018)

Hack GmbH (Hertzstrasse / Corner Rheinstrasse)

The lettering with framing on the facade is broken and out of service. (November 2018)

Fashion house Durm (Neuer Markt 5)

In Ettlingen’s shopping zone, the lettering of the store’s name shines in yellow tubes. (December 2018)

walter services Ettlingen (Pforzheimer Strasse 128)

The two “walter” signs on the building are defective and out of service. They consist of white tubes that probably glow white or blue. (January 2019)

October 2019

In the meantime, another, very simple advertisement has been installed. Whether the old device was only covered or dismantled in the process is not discernible.

Watt’s Brasserie (Pforzheimer Strasse 67)

Two square signs each with lettering glowing red behind plexiglass are posted at the two street-side entrances to the property. (January 2019)

Albgaubad (Luisenstrasse 14)

On the facade of the Albgaubad there are several blue glowing tubes below the lettering, representing a wave. (January 2019)

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