On the road in Mannheim

Capitol (Waldhofstrasse 2)

The former cinema from 1927 is now an event house. (October 2018)

The nostalgic Sarotti advertisement from the opening years with yellow glowing tubes has its place above the counter in the foyer. A public discussion flared up about the motif depicted, with calls for the device to be removed. As a result, however, it will remain in place. All information about it here. The publication on this page is solely for the purpose of documentation.

Friseure am alten Messplatz (Am Messplatz 7)

(Oktober 2018)

Ristorante Milano (R7 30)

(February 2019)

Schuh-Perfekta (S6 24)

(February 2019)

Plankenhof-Passage (P6 25)

(February 2019)

Bakery Otto Schall (Q2 17)

(February 2019)

New Asia Headshop (F1 10)

(February 2019)

Galeria Kaufhof (P1 1)

On the roof of the building is a large globe made of white glowing tubes. Here is the view from Paradeplatz to the globe. (February 2019)

Family bakery Grimminger (P7 20–23 )

(February 2019)

Pharmacy Europa Apotheke (O7 9)

(February 2019)

Dentist (Tattersallstrasse 43)

(February 2019)

Hair Studio Diehm (Kaiserring 48)

Unfortunately not in operation, but the illumination by a streetlight creates a very special flair here. (February 2019)

Ludwig Leiner KG (Amerikanerstrasse 1)

(February 2019)

Oil service station (Neckarauer Strasse 97- 99)

(February 2019)

MVV Riding stadium (Xaver-Fuhr-Strasse 20)

The lettering “Reitstadion” and three horses with jockeys are represented by tubes glowing white, red and yellow. (January 2024)

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