On the road in Altrip

Hofacker Fireworks e.K. (Goethestrasse 29a)

On the right side of the building facing Wilhelmstrasse, at the level of the second floor, there is a device consisting of red and blue tubes. It was installed in 2019 and is mounted on plexiglass. The device was manufactured by trend-art-works in Malterdingen. (April 2020)

In November 2021, the installation was expanded. As part of a Christmas decoration, a green luminous fir tree was permanently attached, which is simply activated at Christmas time to the rockets and the balloon. (November 2021)

A new two-color system, consisting of a tube, was added in October 2022 in the courtyard area. This is of the same design as the existing ones and also symbolizes a firework rocket. (October 2022)

In early 2023, a red tail was added to the center skyrocket as part of the annual cleaning of the neon system. (March 2023)

Photographed and sent in by Markus Hofacker (owner of the devices).

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