On the road in Pirmasens

Restaurant “Drebbelbrinnche” (Hoefelsgasse 8)

The device of green glowing tubes is even in operation during the day. (September 2019)

Brödel Flooring GmbH (Hoefelsgasse 5)

The device of yellow glowing tubes is placed above the entrance to the company’s property. (September 2019)

Worschtkich (Schlossstrasse 11)

The device of probably blue or white glowing tubes is defective. (September 2019)

Heist (Schlossstrasse 9)

The device is in an unmaintained condition and is likely out of service. (September 2019)

Strumpf-Fischer GmbH (Schlossstrasse 29)

The device, made of what appear to be blue glowing tubes, is expected to be in operation. (September 2019)

Bistro Wintergarten (Hauptstrasse 46)

The lettering made of white or green luminous tubes is part of a larger advertising installation with other luminous elements. The bistro is currently closed; the device is therefore not in operation. (September 2019)

House of the shoe industry (Exerzierplatzstrasse)

The purpose of the building described by the device is apparently no longer being pursued. Therefore, the device is also likely out of service. (September 2019)

Pressehaus (Gärtnerstrasse 20)

The purpose of this building is also historical and the device is therefore out of service. Interesting here is the lettering “Pirmasens”, which is located on the right area of the facade and consists of probably white glowing tubes. (September 2019)

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