Neon advertising on the Kaiserstrasse in Karlsruhe in 1962

In a Karlsruhe Facebook group, some photos recently appeared that interested me very much. They were digitized color slides that, according to the caption, date from 12/02/1962 and show Karlsruhe’s Kaiserstrasse. The author of the article, Stephan Viel, kindly allowed me to use the photos for publication on I think it is a small jewel with these rare photos. Almost all of the installations seen are gone today or have been replaced.

We begin our walk through the past in the west at the Mühlburger Tor and end it in the eastern Kaiserstrasse.

A “Kaloderma” lettering shines on the dome of the Rathaus West:

This photo is probably from the western end of Kaiserstrasse (Erwin Müller, Kaiserstrasse 241):

The Sparkasse building at Europaplatz:

The Universum-City cinema at Kaiserstrasse 152-154 still exists today; its neon advertising has been renewed:

This photo is probably the building to the right of the Universum-City cinema, i.e. Kaiserstraße 150; the “Quick Schnell-Buffet” now houses a McDonalds branch:

The “Hieke House” at Kaiserstrasse 215:

View from Europaplatz towards the city; on the left the restaurant “Zum Moninger“, on the right the “Hieke House“:

View to Europaplatz out of town; on the left the “Hieke House“, on the right the restaurant “Zum Moninger“:

At the corner of Waldstrasse (Kaiserstrasse 124):

Between Waldstrasse and Herrenstrasse in the direction of Europaplatz:

This photo was probably taken at the Herrenstrasse crossing:

The UNION department store at Kaiserstrasse 92:

The next three photos show the view from the pyramid on the market square in the direction of Kaiserstrasse 76:

And here the Volksbank Building to the right (Kaiserstrasse 74):

Both buildings (Kaiserstrasse 74 and 76), in between the pyramid on the market square:

The fashion house at Kaiserstrasse 52-56 still exists today, but without neon advertising:

The exact location of this picture is unknown to me:

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