Neon flashes

The representation of stylized lightning using neon or fluorescent tubes was once very popular. Many electrical stores and tradesmen used a neon flash to draw attention to their trade. The flash symbolized electricity and power.

Some of these beautiful advertising installations have survived to this day and I would like to show you the ones I know here.

A very successful combination of lettering and lightning can be found in the Südstadt district of Karlsruhe on the Elektro Boy GmbH store. The lettering shone blue, the flash neon red. Unfortunately, the tube of the flash is broken and the system is out of order.


Raff Elektrofachgeschäft GmbH in Leinfelden-Echterdingen still maintains its remarkable installation today. A red neon flash shines next to the blue lettering on both sides of the cantilever.


In Mosbach, the red lightning bolt in the yellow circle also indicates an electrical store or electrical company. I was unable to verify to what extent the company is still located here. There is a store for fabrics and sewing accessories on the first floor.


This flash can be found at Elektro Burkhard GmbH in Böblingen. I don’t know whether it is still intact; it probably also lights up red.


Not an electrical store, but a public administration building: three lightning bolts on the tower of the district administration office in Glauchau are fitted with tubes that are presumably glowing red. Unfortunately, the installation has been out of service for many years. A postcard from 1953 already shows the building with the system on the tower.

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