Neon signs in the former GDR – once and today

In the former GDR, especially in Leipzig, there were many neon signs. Most of them perished with the GDR. But some were preserved and are now cult.

In this post, which is loosely continued, I have gathered a collection of interesting links on this topic.

I have also been able to photograph many of the old GDR devices or their replacements. These are listed in the sections “On the road … in Saxony” and “On the road … in Thuringia“.

12/2019: Leipzig: Big City Lights

In a Canadian blog, the history of the GDR neon signs, especially the Leipzig ones, can also be read. There are also beautiful historical photos to see here.

12/2019: Neon sign in the GDR – Let there be light

In an article from 2010, SPIEGEL reports on the birth and rise of neon signs in the GDR.

07/2019: Restored neon sign in Leipzig celebrates 1st birthday

The neon sign at the Höfe am Brühl in Leipzig, which has been shining in its former glory again since 2018, is now celebrating its first birthday. For the Leipziger Volkszeitung, this is reason enough to look back.

02/2018: GDR neon signs in Leipzig

In GDR times, Leipzig was a center of neon signs. As a trade fair city, it was supposed to make an impression and shine. Most of the devices from that time have fallen victim to the modernization of the city. A few have survived. The “Leipziger Volkszeitung” goes back in time and shows in an article from 2017 very nice shots and the changes.

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