On the road in Bochum

Zur Postkutsche (Viktoriastrasse 16)

The name of the restaurant stands as yellow lettering – unfortunately defective – above the first floor. (August 2021)

Cinema “Capitol” (Kortumstrasse 51)

The facade of the old movie theater was rebuilt several times over time. Of the once many neons, only the figure inspired by the “Oscar” is still preserved today. (August 2021)

Gustav Schwager Nachfolger (Kreuzstrasse 11)

Of the neons, only the girders are still present. The building was constructed in 1950; the device probably dates from that year as well. (August 2021)

Taverna Avli (Luisenstrasse 14)

Tricolor sign glows above the entrance to the restaurant. (August 2021)

BAER store (Hans-Boeckler-Strasse 34)

The modern, round signet made of green glowing tubes is placed directly above the entrance door. Inside the store itself, there is another green glowing device in the back. (August 2021)

Main station Bochum (Kurt-Schumacher-Platz 13-15)

Both the large lettering on the roof of the building and the clock, which is somewhat hidden further down, are made of neons. (August 2021)

Jeweler Mauer (Kortumstrasse 61)

The green glowing tubes of the digits and pointers of the clock attached to the facade are reminiscent of a fluorescent clock. (August 2021)

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