On the road in Cologne

Printing house Lutz GmbH (Duerener Strasse 165 a)

Above the entrance to the print shop is a lettering made of blue and yellow luminous tubes. (November 2022)

Helmut Kamphausen light advertising systems (Duerener Strasse 111)

In typical neon red, the lettering shines above the company’s entrance. (November 2022)

City-Passage (Duerener Strasse 89)

On either side of the triangular canopy is lettering made of glowing green tubes. (November 2022)

Adieu Paris (Aachener Strasse 38)

The modern restaurant is advertised by a modern, white luminous lettering. (November 2022)

Movie Palace Cologne (Hohenzollernring 22)

On the facade of the cinema there is a large double-sided installation of five vertical tubes glowing blue. In the upper area, the logo is displayed in the form of an oval.  On the canopy of the entrance area are large single letters glowing blue. (November 2022)

Pharmacy Viktoria Apotheke (Aachener Strasse 6)

A modern four-color installation is installed on the large canopy of the pharmacy. In addition to the typical pharmacy symbols in red and green, there are other tubes that glow white and blue. (November 2022)

Little Nonna (Brabanter Strasse 1)

Part of the differently designed lettering consists of blue glowing tubes. (November 2022)

Zum Knobelbecher (Bruesseler Strasse 47)

The devices of this pub probably exist for a very long time, but are well maintained and fully functional. The name of the pub is represented by a two-tone lettering with yellow and blue tubes, and the name of the beer brand by blue luminous. (November 2022)

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