On the road in Altenburg/Thuringia

Altenburg City Center (Kunstgasse 10)

Above the entrance, the silhouette of the “Red Peaks” of the canons’ monastery is reproduced in red luminous tubes. (November 2019)

Konsum-Casino (Rossplan 17)

The restaurant in the building closed Dec. 29, 2017, but the tubes, which probably once glowed white and yellow, probably stopped working long ago. (March 2019)

HO-Restaurant “Johannisgarten” (Johannisstrasse 38)

Stagnant time. Just as the house has not been touched since the end of the GDR, the (perhaps already then) defective light tubes of the HO restaurant “Johannisgarten” were left. (December 2018)

Cinema “Capitol” (Teichplan 16)

(March 2018)

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