On tour with the BNN

In June, an editor of the Badische Neueste Nachrichten (BNN) asked me if he could do an article about the neonmuseum.de. Since an article had already appeared in the BNN about two years ago, it had to be somewhat different in terms of content. As a result, it became a two-hour tour through the city with Mr. Holger Keller (editor BNN), during which we “illuminated” some neons more closely.

The article is interestingly put up and well done; does it contain some errors that I would like to clarify below.

In Karlsruhe hat ein Fan den Blick für die Neonröhre

My corrections to the article

  • The “Augustiner” lettering is not from 1967, nor is it in any picture from that year. This is a case of confusion with another plant. I do not know which year the “Augustiner” lettering is from.
  • The production of plants in tube technology is not cheaper compared to LED technology and the plants are not easy to repair. On the contrary; the plants require a lot of maintenance. However, they are more sustainable compared to LED technology, as often only the gas needs to be refilled and if disposal is unavoidable, the components can be separated quite easily.
  • My first name is not Michael, but Thomas.

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