Kaiserstrasse 201 (lost in 2023)

Pharmacy Hof-Apotheke

The Großherzogliche Hof-Apotheke from 1718 closed in April 2024 due to financial unprofitability.

The neon sign, known far beyond Karlsruhe, was placed above the entrance, which was located on the corner of Kaiserstrasse and Waldstrasse. The plant was owned and operated by the Bayer company in Leverkusen.

The installation on the building is already visible in identical form in a photo from around 1935. However, it is not known whether the system had survived from that time and was merely regularly maintained or whether it was completely replaced.

February 2018

Four tubes are defective.

December 2019

The letter “N” lost its blue color and the original neon red appeared.

February 2023

After the installation was often visibly defective in recent months, it was unfortunately removed. As I was informed by the pharmacy, the company Bayer cancelled the contract for maintenance and care of the neon sign. Furthermore, the installation was beyond repair due to unavailability of spare parts.

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